In 2013 God gave me “The Gathering of Daughters.” I took it, but did not “run with it” and pursue it’s purpose as I knew in my heart He intended.

I did not want people to think I was trying to gather daughters to myself.

We held a few Women’s conferences with that theme at CFC, but then I let it slip.

Rekindling the Flame

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022 while I was in my office thinking of whom to invite to Tuesday night (6/14/22) Campmeeting because I’m preaching, Father God gave me the following command.

Father God: Gather the daughters.

                       Send out the CLARION CALL.

                       From far and near,

                       Send the message to all.


                        Tell them to travel home

                        For a brief visit,

                        Or a long stay.

                        Tell them it won’t be long

                        (Before I return).

                         It will be when they

                         Least expect it.

                         Do it Cora.

                         Do it today!


Me:                  As in now; as in today?


Father God:   Yes! Get it ready to go.

                          Zip, zip. Zap!

                          And I’ll do the rest.


                          Those-ALL-who came here and stayed.

                          Or left, being called out or sent out,

                          Or who went out like the prodigal, wanting to be free.

                          Send for all to come

                          Home to me.


                          Do it, Cora Lee! (haha)*

                          Fear not like you did before.


When He gave me “Gathering of Daughters” it was fear, not faith the ruled.

So I’m sending the message. I invite everyone of you to come pack the pews anytime, but especially June 14, 2022 for Campmeeting.

I have a word for you from the Lord to impact your life.


This message is my response to the word of the Lord to me.

Your response should be according to His word to you.


Thank you and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.


Yours sincerely with much love,

Cora Jones

1st Lady, Teacher, Prophet

Branch of the Vine Christian Fellowship Church

[email protected]


* When the Father calls me Cora Lee, He’s put a demand on my response. So that’s why He laughed.

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