Santa, what will you bring? 

It’s not just a high ho, Christmas 

Playing the gift-giving game. 

It is so much deeper than that 

As important as “that” is 

   (to us).

It’s a Christmas to celebrate Jesus 

The gift that our Father God did give. 


He was born in a lonely manger 

On a cold winter night 

To the Virgin Mary 

Because she and Joseph had to take flight 

From their home; going to Jerusalem,

There their taxes to pay, 

As did all the other people 

Who traveled along that way. 

So all the sleeping places 

And all the inns in town were already filled up. 

When Mary and Joseph arrived.

The town of Bethlehem was very much alive 

    with people, animals, and much activity. 

So the question became, “Joseph, where will we sleep?”


He found a stable, (being Spirit led,)

With a manger, some swaddling cloths, and some hay. 

There Jesus the Savior was born, laid in the stable bed

Fulfilling what for centuries the prophets had said would be. 


So Christmas is not just about giving and receiving gifts 

   wrapped under the Christmas tree. 

It’s not (as some have made it, a “playing of the gift-giving game”.)

No, it’s not just a (“Santa bring me …”) hi ho, Christmas. 


It’s a celebration of the greatest gift ever -Jesus the Messiah

Our soon coming King. (BOLD)

Merry Christmas!!!


by Cora Jones


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