A day without writing is like a day

Without the breath of God flowing 

From the tip of my pen.

In the end,

A stunted day

Without growth. 

A day of writing is a day

Where the breath of God is pouring

Forth in vividly descriptive words 

Penning forth what the Writer has heard 

From the heart of the Father God.

What did the Writer hear?

Many a word of love and compassion,

And also words of rebuke and strong correction.

Words of salvation and full forgiveness

For the repentant heart.

Words of Love abounding—

And on God’s part

Never failing to keep promises.

Writer hearing and penning the heart of Father God. 

So, Writer, go never a day without writing. 

Breathing forth the breath of God.

Write faithfully the holy, righteous, glorious, saving,

Chastising, forgiving, encouraging words you hear 

From the very heart of God.

Then publish so others can read and hear

From the heart of Father God–

Feel His breath that is always near 

To those who will listen to

What He said to you, Writer,

About love and compassion,

Chastisement and rebuke

And forgiveness, 

About making that lost, repentant One his own.

And giving strength, 

Making the weak strong in Him.

Write. Write daily, Writer.

Pen the heart of Father God.

By Cora Jones


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