CFC Called to Be

A light in the world 

that shines brighter 

than the noonday sun.

Full of Holy Ghost power

That keeps the devil on the run.

Resisting his tactics and watching him flee

As demons say (to each other)

“Let’s go; they’re from that church, CFC. 

CFC called to have the

Fullness of Christ in our life–

Shinning brighter 

than the noonday sun,

So that others can see in us,

Jesus Christ the Savior,

The Holy One

Who died to set all men free 

(who believe and receive Him)

And by following our words, our deeds, our life,

They’ll be following Christ.


There’s serious work ahead.

Many souls are calling out to Me,

Those who are the living dead.

They are waiting for you to shine the light

That’s brighter than the noonday sun.

That “Jesus light,” which will point them to the S-O-N,

and set them free from the darkness of sin 

and the fire of hell.

You do well, CFC, by leading them to the Holy One–the One and only Son.

Be the witness who brings them in. 

CFC, called to be full of Christ, the Word, Holy Ghost power,

Called to work in the vineyard 

This very hour–a shining light

Brighter than the noonday sun.

CFC called to preach the gospel of salvation

  To be filled with the Holy Ghost 

  To win many souls

  To heal the sick

  To live holy

  To walk in love

  To prosper 

    “to be a rock in a weary land 

     and a shelter in the time of storms.”


  To win many souls, (Ps. 2:8)

  To pray and to wait upon the Lord.

CFC, called to be

Full of Christ in our life

A light in this world of darkness 

Shinning brighter 

than the noonday sun.

(Now say this.)

That’s me. I am CFC. 

Witness, yes, I am one.

I live out of the love of God 

That’s in me. 

Because I’m Christ Jesus,

I shine brighter than the noonday sun. 

(Branch of the Vine Christian Fellowship Church)

   By Cora Jones



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