I was lost

Deeply entrenched in sin.

But one day I heard the gospel.

Then down on my knees

And in my heart

I repented of my sins.


I called on the name of Jesus,

Confessed with my mouth

What my heart believed

And in just an instant

Into the kingdom of God

I was received

As I made Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord.


Satan lost when he had Jesus crucified

Hanging Him on that cruel cruel cross.

But Jesus rose again VICTORIOUS!

That was satan’s great and fateful loss.


So in my life he thought he had me pinned

Into a life of perpetual sin

And in eternal damnation bound,

BUT satan you lost again.

Because of the God’s salvation

I found eternal life

With and through Jesus Christ,

My Savior and Lord.

I am freed from perpetual sin.

Now that I am born again!


I will now “preach” to others

This precious word I heard.

I will get them saved, freed from sin.

They will become my sisters and brothers

in Christ.

When each one receives Jesus as Savior,

Satan, you will lose again and again!!


© CJones

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