There is a NAME.

Powerful! Highly exalted!

Worthy of all honor and praise,

A Name to which every knee shall bow,

A Name above every other NAME.

It is the Name of Jesus.


Equipped with that Name,

Ready for battle you’ll be,

As you go forth, in that Name,

Setting the captives free

From the bondage of sin.


Doing as Jesus did

While here on earth he trod.

Holy Ghost anointed with power

“Doing good and healing

All that were oppressed of the devil.”*

Always obeying the voice of God

And uprooting evil. 


Now, we, being well equipped with that Name,

And understanding the power that it holds,

Are going forth in that Name,

Being bold. 


Proclaiming the gospel—

The Good News of Salvation 

To a lost and dying world,

   To this generation,

   To every nation –


Then He will return KING of KING

and LORD of LORDS!


Philippians 2:9-11; Matthew 24:14; Acts 10:38

By Cora Jones


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