What Easter Means To Me | Poet’s Corner

March 19, 2024|Categories: Articles, Poetry|Tags: , , , |

I’m a young girl As you can plainly see. I want to tell you What Easter means to me.   I like the Easter baskets, And the Easter bunnies, too. I like the Easter egg hunts. They are fun things to do.   (Added: I also like the new Sunday clothes— Dressing up as pretty as I can be. I like the new shoes on my feet, And the bows in my hair. Just take a look at me. But if that was all I liked about Easter, It wouldn’t be fair to Jesus.)   So I really like Easter [...]

Thank You | Church Dedication

March 28, 2022|Categories: General|Tags: , , |

Thank You We are so grateful you decided to celebrate with us as we dedicated our new sanctuary to the Lord. We appreciate all of your love and support. This was truly a memorable occasion. Oh what a time we had celebrating all the amazing and miraculous things the Lord has done. Much work and effort went into making this day as special as it was. From the beautiful decorations, to the new sound system, to the preparations made for our guests – It was all wonderful. What a Word we heard from both of our speakers. Pastor Ruben Lewis [...]

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