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Words cannot fully describe the amazing time we had at Campmeeting 2022. There was an anointing and presence of Holy Spirit that remained. Our theme this year was “You Shall Recover All” (1 Samuel 30:8). We had many anointed speakers who delivered the Word of God with both power and charisma.   Each service was opened with pre-service prayer led by George and Lucy Davis.   To start the week Sunday morning, Minister Terez Jones taught on the Name of Jesus and the power that Name holds. His teaching instructed us that when we use the Name of Jesus, we [...]

Clarion Call

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In 2013 God gave me “The Gathering of Daughters.” I took it, but did not “run with it” and pursue it’s purpose as I knew in my heart He intended. I did not want people to think I was trying to gather daughters to myself. We held a few Women’s conferences with that theme at CFC, but then I let it slip. Rekindling the Flame On Wednesday, June 1, 2022 while I was in my office thinking of whom to invite to Tuesday night (6/14/22) Campmeeting because I’m preaching, Father God gave me the following command. Father God: Gather the [...]

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