Nurture The Inner-Man

The Word Brings Enlightenment And Hope For A Brighter Day

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

In order to grow as a Christian and walk in the fullness of all that God has to offer, it is important to gain a deeper understanding of the Word. The promises that God has for you are hidden away for you to discover, but only if you are willing to seek them diligently. Therefore, we invite you to partake of the material collection below so that you can know who you are in Christ, and understand all the the things God has in store for you.

Written Inspirations


The Bible teaches us that as believers that we abide by instructions given to us from the Almighty. Below, we have a comprehensive selection of articles the goal of providing you with an assortment of powerful lesson that you may grow stronger in the Word.

Audible Impartation


As believers, we are to be both hearers and doers of the Word. Hearing the Word is a vital test for us to operate in our authority & righteousness, to walk in faith, to know the will of the Father.
Below you can find a collection of recent video and audio captures of sermons and bible lessons Pastor Jones and other providing powerful and insightful delves into the Word of God.

Clarion Call

June 8, 2022|0 Comments

In 2013 God gave me “The Gathering of Daughters.” I took it, but did not “run with it” and pursue it’s purpose as I knew in my heart He intended. I did not want people [...]

Poet’s Corner | THE NAME

May 27, 2022|0 Comments

There is a NAME. Powerful! Highly exalted! Worthy of all honor and praise, A Name to which every knee shall bow, A Name above every other NAME. It is the Name of Jesus.   Equipped [...]

Success In Life | Summary

April 29, 2022|0 Comments

From Pastor’s Desk Part 3 Summary In the rest of this series (see Facebook page FtPD Ep. 1-11) I talk about the power of God that is available to you in and through Jesus Christ [...]

Success in Life (Article 3)

April 11, 2022|0 Comments

From the Pastor's Desk This is Pastor Jones again at Christian Fellowship Church. I want you to know that God has supernaturally arranged your life for success. (Part 3) Our Foundation scripture is Psalm 91:9-10 [...]

Poet’s Corner | OUR PASTOR

April 4, 2022|0 Comments

Bolder than a lion, Fearless as can be Known around town As one who sees what others cannot see. Always thinking Always moving Always making plans for something new. Lover of the Savior, Jesus being [...]

Success in Life (Article 2)

February 23, 2022|0 Comments

From the Pastor’s Desk Bishop Jimmy Jones I want you to continue teaching on how  God has supernaturally arranged your life for success.  (Part 2) For those who are born again, we are developing a [...]

Poet’s Corner | The Good Gift

February 21, 2022|0 Comments

The good gift The perfect gift Is what God gives    from above.  It comes down From the Father of lights Who is stable, unchanging, With whom is no shadow of turning.  Who Himself is Love.  [...]

Success In Life (Article 1)

February 7, 2022|0 Comments

From the Pastor’s Desk Bishop Jimmy Jones In the following series of lessons I will briefly explain how God has supernaturally arranged for you to be successful in life. (Part 1) With all the negative [...]

Poet’s Corner | Holy Bible

February 7, 2022|0 Comments

Holy Bible, Holy Book Open it up and take a look into New revelations that await you there Read. Read it thoughtfully and with much prayer   Find within its pages all you need Salvation, [...]

Word of the Lord for 2022

January 26, 2022|0 Comments

(Excerpt from Prayer Line | January 1) The Lord said: I’m going to do for you things not done in 2020-2021 and in the years before because your eyes have come open. Ephesians 1:18 KJV [...]

Happy New Year 2022

January 19, 2022|0 Comments

Yes, 2021 has come and gone. Now for the children of God 2022 opens the door to a bright, new beginning. It is a time to leave behind old successes and failures and to access [...]